Mon, 2 February, 2015
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Communication Technician Network Solutions Division Calgary
Posted date [Jul-02-13]  (ID: 22187)
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Concept is currently seeking new Communications Technicians of all levels.


Communication technicians install, maintain, test and repair:

•             wiring or cable networks

•             consumer or business communication equipment

•             specialized equipment such as intercoms, fax machines and computer networks

•             toll and switching equipment

•             other equipment related to the transmission and processing of voice, video signals and other data over fibre optic, microwave, radio, satellite and other telecommunications media.

•             vehicles, machinery and tools used the installation of wiring or cable networks

They may work in residential, commercial or industrial settings, or specialize in installing or servicing certain types of telecommunication system components. They may be primarily involved in:

•             installing, terminating and testing copper and fibre optic conductors and cables

•             laying out and installing raceways and supporting framework

•             installing, commissioning, maintaining and troubleshooting communications equipment

•             using codes and standards to guide the installation of communication equipment

•             interpreting communications systems drawings to guide the installation of communication equipment

•             installing residential cable systems.

Duties and responsibilities can vary considerably from one position to another. For example, communication technicians primarily involved in installing residential cable:

•             check work orders and talk to cable subscribers to determine where to hook up, disconnect or relocate cable outlets

•             string cable from a utility pole, underground box or satellite dish if necessary

•             install jacks, terminal boxes, splitters, converters, decoders, satellite and television equipment, and other cable hardware and systems

•             install cable modems and software

•             test installed systems and equipment on the subscriber's premises

•             promote additional services offered by their company

•             keep records of work performed at each site

•             operate and maintain vehicles, tools and equipment.

Those primarily involved in servicing residential cable systems focus on trouble shooting problems when they arise.



Working Conditions

Working conditions vary considerably in this occupation. Communication technicians may work indoors or outdoors, and often travel to several work sites in a day. They generally work a standard 35 to 40 hour week but may have to work some overtime, particularly when weather conditions or other events disrupt cable or telephone service. Shift work may be required.

Stringing cable from utility poles may involve climbing and balancing on an aerial platform or pole in all types of weather conditions. Communication technicians must observe safety precautions to reduce the risk of injury from electrical shocks, falls or hazards associated with cable splicing.



Per sonal Characteristics

Communication technicians need the following characteristics:

•             reliability

•             motivation

•             mechanical ability

•             mathematical ability

•             analytical ability

•             the communication and interpersonal skills required to maintain harmony with subscribers and work colleagues

•             the ability to work and solve problems independently

•             good colour vision, manual dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination

•             the ability to climb poles and ladders while carrying tools and equipment

•             an ongoing interest in keeping up to date with changes in technology.

Those who work in customers' homes and businesses must be courteous, tactful and adaptable.

Communication technicians should enjoy operating tools and test equipment, diagnosing technical problems and working with people.


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Job Title Communication Technician Network Solutions Division Calgary
Company Name Concept Electric Ltd.
Category Category -> Construction / Facilities
Job Type Job Type -> Full-Time
Location Calgary
Area Area -> Calgary SE