Sat, 21 October, 2017
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sales and entry level management
Posted date [Jun-21-17]  (ID: 92092)
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Vivint is currently the largest and best-positioned company in the Smart Home Industry, which is projected to be a $100 Billion-Dollar Industry by 2020. Vivint recently announced partnerships to work with Airbnb and Best Buy in the upcoming year in addition to current product partnerships with Google and Amazon.

The Blackstone Group (the largest alternative investment group in the world) purchased Vivint in 2012 for $2.3 Billion-dollars. Since that transaction Vivint has gone through an explosive growth period and that growth is currently out pacing the leadership available.

Rapid advancement into management as early as September 2017 is guaranteed for those that excel.

Vivint is listed on Forbes Americas Most Promising Companies List as well as Forbes America’s Best Employers List.

Inc. Magazine just awarded Vivint 2nd in swag and incentives given to employees for 2015.

Last summer ½ of our team earned an all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic paid for 100% by Vivint.


We are currently hiring for sales consultants

If you are hardworking, self-motivated and have a good attitude we would love to talk to you and see if a position at Vivint might be a good fit.



The right candidate will possess:

  • A strong work ethic
  • The ability to stay positive and overcome rejection
  • A winning attitude
  • A great student mentality with the drive to continually improve
  • A proven ability to pay the price in order to achieve a goal


Currently our most successful employees have a background with labour-intensive jobs or have played a high level of competitive sports

  • Oil patch, Construction, Farming
  • Junior Hockey, College/University Sport Teams


Individuals that are competitive by nature have the potential to do extremely well in this position



Critical Skills

  • MUST be hard working, have a Positive Attitude and be Competitive
  • A Willingness to learn, along with Strong Communication skills







  • Expected first year income is $75,000 for our year round program
  • Top first year last year $156,279
  • Average first year manager $149,200
  • Top manager last year $730,440




We are conducting immediate interviews:

  • For professionals seeking immediate employment – once hired candidates can start as soon as initial training program is completed
  • For students looking for summer work – once hired students have the opportunity to complete attend weekly training sessions throughout the semester


We are hiring for positions in our Calgary and Lethbridge markets

  • Travel credits may be available for right candidates to relocate
  • Fully furnished corporate housing is provided - successful applicants have the opportunity to live rent-free for the summer!



To learn more about what Vivint and this opportunity is all about watch this video. (copy & paste the link into your browser)


WORKING WITH VIVINT is more than just a job—it’s an experience. In addition to securing your financial future, you can discover new cities, focus on self-improvement, and take part in a truly unique atmosphere. Because this work provides daily interactions with people and invaluable training, you’ll be doing more than just earning a paycheck. Our reps leave Vivint with more confidence, a better work ethic, and improved social skills.




Do you remember when Nokia ran the cellular market 10 years ago? The only innovation that was happening for 6-8 straight years was the phones were getting smaller and smaller but they weren’t really doing anything. Then along came the iPhone. It shook up the market and introduced something that the consumer didn’t even know they needed. That’s what we are doing at Vivint.

  • Vivint is a multi billion-dollar start up that has quickly become the largest and fastest growing Home Automation, Solar and Wireless Company in North America. We build, design, engineer and create our own unique products and services that are only available through Vivint.
  • The Smart Home Industry is projected to be a 100 Billion-Dollar Industry by 2020 and the company that is most uniquely positioned and best positioned to dominate, is Vivint.


Watch this quick 2-minute video to better understand what is happening at Vivint right now: (copy and paste link into your browser)


We aren’t just looking to fill positions – we are actively seeking talented people to fill leadership roles to grow our company to the next level.


We already have the technology; we have the financing, now we need the people to grow our company.

  • If you are a student with any aspirations in the business world this is an opportunity that might be the key to unlocking your potential.
  • We believe that our fun, upbeat atmosphere develops individuals rapidly and builds both personal and professional relationships.



  • Work in a fun, competitive team atmosphere with a group of other likeminded goal orientated individuals.
  • Previous sales experience is not necessary. Vivint gives all the tools and support anyone needs to learn this job:
    • In depth training manual
    • Endless hours of online video training content from the best in the business
    • One on one training with your manager
    • Leadership and personal development programs. Past speakers at Vivint:
      • Urban Meyer
      • Tony Robbins
      • Jim Harbaugh
      • John Maxwell
      • Craig Manning
  • Customer database showing which customers are most likely to buy
  • World class customer service backing you up
  • Competitions
  • Incentives
    • Tr ips – All inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic
    • Electronics, swag, event tickets etc.
    • Inc. Magazine just rated Vivint 2nd in swag/incentives given to employees




Vivint is mindful of your individual success. Our program is designed not only to advance our company, but also to help you advance your career. Your time with us should be an investment in your professional future.


  • During a summer with Vivint we teach individuals how to sell and communicate effectively. These skills are the foundation of business and personal success.
  • You will also learn a wide range of other soft skills:
    • Leadership, Work ethic
    • Communication, Listening
    • Team work, Consulting
    • Problem solving, Positivity
  • With the competition there is today to win that dream job it often comes down to two candidates. You went to the same college. You’ve had the same internships. You’ve done all the charity work. You’re basically even on paper. All it comes down to is who can sell themselves better.
  • The skills you learn with us will give you the edge in landing your dream job and then excelling in it once your there.
  • We believe after a summer with us you will learn more about what it takes to manage people and electively run a business than with any other summer sales company or internship in the country.




We are hiring salespeople for this year with the intention of developing them into leaders and giving them the opportunity to become future managers within our company.

  • First year employees who show leadership skills and strong work ethic will have an opportunity to move into management as soon as September 2017
  • Leaders have the opportunity to travel and work abroad in the US
  • Managing your own office will provide an opportunity to learn an additional skillset of managing systems and people that will be sure to help advance your career




If you think this might be the right opportunity for you and would like to get more info please submit a resume and a brief cover letter explaining why you think you will be a good fit in our program.



About Vivint.SmartHome:

We create simple, affordable smart home solutions


Our goal: To help you create a smarter home with intelligently designed products that simplify your life.


Smart Home is currently the largest and best-positioned company in the Smart Home Industry, which is projected to be a $100 Billion-Dollar Industry by 2020. The Blackstone Group (the largest alternative investment group in the world) purchased in 2012 for $2.3 Billion-dollars. Since that transaction has gone through an explosive growth period and that growth is currently out pacing the leadership available.

Job Title sales and entry level management
Company Name vivint smart home
Category Category -> Sales
Job Type Job Type -> Full-Time
Salary 60,000-100,000
Location calgary
Area Area -> Calgary (General)