With most Calgary companies expecting applications to made in an online environment, you'd think that job hunting should be easier, and more convenient, than ever before.

Except it isn't, right?

While it is definitely getting easier for employers seeking resumes and applications, it is not necessarily so for those looking for a job. The simple fact of the matter is this: When it comes to completing online applications for many of the top employers, as many as 75% of resumes will never reach human eyes.

Why are resumes vanishing in cyberspace?

Most employers nowadays are using software called “Applicant Tracking Systems” (or ATS for short) that are designed to sort and rank resumes and applications that are submitted online. This software is used to weed out unqualified applications so that employers can focus on resumes that are better suited to the position.

This is all according to a robot that sorts resumes into categories and scans for keywords to see if an application is relevant to the employer. The caveat here being that, while the program tosses out the least-qualified applicants, it does not identify the applications that best fit the job.

So while your experience and skills may be perfectly suitable to the job you are applying for, your resume may be disqualified by an ATS simply because the program was unable to properly identify the keywords the employer is looking for.

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