Name: Basement Renovations Aurora

Basement Renovations Aurora Overview:


Basement Renovations has been in business since 2018 in Aurora, ON. We have 8 employees who will take on the toughest basement repair and finishing tasks. We are great at getting our work done on time and with good quality.

Basement Repair

The use of injection method to restore the bearing capacity of the structural elements of the basement of buildings, as well as broken waterproofing, allows you to save the operational characteristics of basements and ensure their full use.

Foundation reinforcement

Basement Renovations Aurora specialists perform reinforcement of existing foundations through grouting. We have considerable experience in this sphere and are ready to offer you effective solutions to the following problems:

  • damage to the integrity of boulder, boulder and brick foundations
  • formation of cavities under their underside.

Peculiarities of methods to strengthen foundations

The grouting method consists in drilling a hole and pumping a special solution through it. One of the following approaches can be implemented:

  • Drilling a hole through the body of the foundation at a depth of 0.3 m above its underside and grouting the body of the foundation
  • Drilling a hole through the grouting stone, as well as along the foundation and to a depth of 0.5 m below its underside, followed by grouting of the "foundation-soil" contact

The following types of grouts can be pumped into the foundation body through the drilled wells

  • cement
  • cement-lime (bentonite)
  • cement-sand

The above mentioned compositions of mortars are selected depending on the material of existing masonry and the type of masonry mortar. Additional penetrating properties of the mortar mix used are provided by added plasticizers. The mortar is fed at a pressure of 0.1-0.5 MPa by means of appropriate processing equipment, the choice of which is determined by the design task and conditions of work. Thus, the effective repair of foundation cracks. For more information about this type of work and diamond drilling of concrete, please contact the company's specialists.

Materials of foundation reinforcement

Expediency of the injection reinforcement method application is defined only after detailed examination of the structure state.

When planning the injection works, you should understand that a subjective factor has a major impact on all phases of the technological cycle. It is necessary to have well-trained personnel not only to perform a set of works, but also to promptly adjust the parameters of the injection.

Repair of waterproofing

For many years our company has been working in the field of waterproofing of underground structures, so we have extensive experience in the restoration and creation of waterproofing of various objects. The choice of one or another waterproofing system is determined by a variety of factors. Among them are such as the features of the protected structures, the nature of the impact of water and the presence of requirements for permissible humidity.

Waterproofing options

  1. Branching. Used to prevent and eliminate capillary seepage over the walls of the building. Is carried out by the introduction of hydrophobic solution in pre-drilled boreholes. The mortar can be fed into the masonry walls in the impregnation mode, as well as by pumping it in under pressure.
  2. Penetrating. Penetrating materials are used to prevent water from seeping through the structure of the concrete structure. As a result of treatment of concrete with these substances, all microcracks and capillaries are filled with insoluble branched needle crystals. The filling is carried out by a solid front at a depth of up to several tens of centimeters.
  3. Injection. The injection of concrete is the delivery of both polymer and mineral materials under pressure or without pressure into the structure, using special pumping equipment. The essence of injection is that in the cracks through the parkers, inserted into the drilled wells injection mortar is pumped, which after curing turns into a dense, waterproof and water-insoluble material that fills cracks and voids, reinforcing masonry and prevents water filtration through them.


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