Name: Brasserie Kensington

Brasserie Kensington Overview:


Brasserie Kensington is a french cuisine based restaurant with a heavy beer/wine menu. Our approach to food is simple, make it awesome, execute it properly. Though we do offer somethings out of the box that we enjoy experimenting on here and there. 95% of our food is prepared in the kitchen, we make everything from scratch and constantly push ourselves to be better and use products not familiar to us. Service staff is expected to be knowledgable in the menu and above all be proud to serve everything we offer. Casual wear on both sides of the business makes an interesting approach. No black and white service staff and rarely will you see us wearing jackets in the kitchen. We have fun here while being professional/critical/and effective. If it sounds like something you want to pursue then shoot me an email and we will discuss.