Name: DoorHelper

DoorHelper Overview:


DoorHelper specialists will professionally install, as well as repair locks and doors of all types. Craftsmen are highly qualified and have accumulated vast experience, so they provide comprehensive services for the maintenance of locking systems of all designs, including the latest models. We have been working around Toronto and the GTA since 2011, doing all door work, including paneling.

Door Repair

Every one of us wants our apartment to always live up to the statement "my home is my fortress." And one of the conditions for this is a reliable and strong front door. But what if it breaks? Do not rush to spend money on a new: our service "door repair" may well be useful to you. In this case, will cost significantly cheaper than a new front door.

Entrance Door Repair of any complexity

We have been working in the market of door locks, emergency door opening and keys making for more than 10 years. We have dealt with different kinds of doors and have thoroughly studied their construction, their features and repair possibilities. It is our experience that allows us to perform this new type of service with high professionalism and excellent quality. Our specialists can determine at a glance the degree of breakage and wear and tear and assess the possibilities of repair. And if we undertake the work, we always complete it, despite any difficulties that may arise on the way to achieve a high result.

Today, we are able to offer our clients:

  • Entrance Door Opening;
  • Entrance Door Repair;
  • Repair of interior doors;
  • Repair of metal doors;
  • Repair of wooden doors;
  • Plastic Door Repair.

Taking into account the various causes of failure, we also carry out repair of door hinges and door handle repair. The design, manufacturer or material of the door is of no importance for our specialists: our experience allows us to cope with any task.

Door Lock Repair in Toronto and the GTA

In order we will be able to render you qualified assistance, you should prepare a small amount of talk beforehand in order to describe the problem accurately and briefly. For example, if you need repair of metal doors, you need to know the thickness of metal, the manufacturer (if the door factory), the type of lock and type of hinges: the more information you provide at the stage of ordering, the faster and better we can provide our service.

Well, in order for us to perform the repair of doors of an apartment, entrance, room or office, it is sufficient to call our managers on the telephone listed on the site, set out the essence of the problem, indicate the address and the time when you want to meet our experts, pay for the service to perform the work. Nothing else is required from you: all the most stringent requirements we put ourselves. This is efficiency, quality and high professionalism.


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