Name: Father Lacombe Care Centre

Father Lacombe Care Centre Overview:


Father Lacombe Care Centre is a Catholic, community based, long term care facility located just south of Fish Creek Park off of Macleod Trail in SE Calgary. We currently provide care for 114 seniors who call our facility home, and provide social programming for over 85 seniors who live in the community through out Adult Day Programme. Fully accredited by Accreditation Canada, we have two nursing units offering full nursing services to seniors including: - Full Nursing Care - Recreation Therapy - Physiotherapy - Occupational Therapy - Social Worker - Pastoral Care - Dietician - On-Site laundry, housekeeping, and dietary. Although a Catholic organization, the care is inclusive and non-denominational. Our core values of excellence, compassion, social justice, spirituality and sacredness of life are inherent in our care for everyone.