Name: Juvenescence Child Development Centre Ltd.

Juvenescence Child Development Centre Ltd. Overview:




Juvenescence believes that every child deserves a safe, warm, and caring environment in which they can grow and develop to their maximum potential. We are committed to fostering each child’s self-esteem, feeling of self-worth and value through positive care giving. We use stimulating activities that will promote each child’s physical, social, and intellectual growth and development. 

Every child is entitled to the opportunity to: 

  • develop personal responsibility and social skills, 
  • learn to problem solve, 
  • learn about diversity though our community. 

Each child is recognized as a unique individual who brings their own gifts to the program. They deserve encouragement and the space to try new things, explore new ideas, and develop their own unique creativity. 


Juvenescence is committed to supporting families by providing safe, reliable, and high-quality childcare for their children. Parents are entitled to peace of mind, respectful treatment, provide program feedback, and program involvement.


Juvenescence is committed to hiring, training, and fairly compensating their employees. Educators are hired based on their ability to have an empathetic attitude towards children. Juvenescence is an equal opportunity employer and follows non-discriminatory hiring practices as per the AHR Act. Each employee is valued and entitled to respect, support, and fair treatment from their co-workers and supervisors. 

Volunteers and Students on Placement

Juvenescence is committed to providing learning opportunities and practical work experience, in the areas of child programming and administration, to members of the community. Volunteers and Students on Placement augment the high-quality care and individual attention given to children in the programs. 


Juvenescence is committed to working collaboratively and cooperatively with School Boards, the Provincial Government, and other agencies to provide the best possible childcare service to families.