Name: Klub Before and After School Care

Klub Before and After School Care Overview:


Klub Before and After School Care is the place where children cant wait to get to after school. It is where parents can be at ease knowing their children are having a great time, are engaged in fun, positive, enriching activities that promote development and growth, are diligently supervised, and are provided with healthy snacks daily. Klub care will be safe for children, trusted by parents, and fun for all involved. The children will have ample input into the program by being consulted at least monthly on interests, small group ideas, activities, etc. Thus, the program will be shaped and molded to meet appropriate developmental needs and interests and will incorporate a wide range of diverse cultures, topics, recreational opportunities, foods, special guests, games, and more. All of the Klub staff will be ready to greet the children each day with a smile, knowing that their training and personal passions have equipped them for another excellent day.