Name: LCS Pros

LCS Pros Overview:


When LCS Pros founders, Lucy and Axel Funk, started the company, they brought with them the attitude that there was always a way to do the job right – it was simply a matter of figuring out how.

Helping others and connecting with customers was exactly why Lucy fell in love with the business of cleaning – and Axel was right there with the resourcefulness and ingenuity to make it happen. Bringing his years of experience in food manufacturing to the table, Axel’s eye for efficiency and process coupled with his understanding of equipment perfectly complemented Lucy’s caring personality and dedication to building relationships with her clients.After just a few short years, the duo was providing deep cleaning services to loyal clients all across Calgary with Lucy’s Cleaning service serving residential clients and LCS Pros commercial clients.When Lucy passed in 2015, Axel knew he had to expand the business. It was time to double down on LCS Pros and dive headfirst into providing services to both residential and commercial clients as a family-oriented business.By 2020, the company was growing exponentially with new services and opportunities in the commercial cleaning space. To streamline processes and offer a comprehensive list of services to all clients, the company brought Lucy’s Cleaning under the LCS Pros umbrella in 2021.As LCS Pros has grown over the years, training and education have remained a top priority for the team and will continue to be their beacon for the future. Each commercial cleaning technician is trained on best practices and kept up-to-date on the proper handling and use of every cleaning agent used in your facility. The result is a custom clean with results you can depend on from experts you can trust for years to come.