Name: Metrik Management Inc.

Metrik Management Inc. Overview:


Career, family, long term plan

  • I have a career opening for a young family person looking down the road, longterm, and thinking about their career. My client is a 40 year old company where many long term employees have built successful careers and earnings, many of whom started in various often menial jobs. This company developed and grew their skills, and took them along as it grew.

Warm Fraser Valley, BC

  • The location is in the Fraser Valley, B.C., warm weather, small communities, a place to raise a family. Houses are still affordable, shopping, restaurants and night life. The outdoor life is everywhere. Lakes, mountains, national parks, rivers, blue sky and eagles. Camping, hiking, skiing, boating, it’s at your doorstep, - but a Cactus Club is not far away either.
  • You probably won’t want to drive into Vancouver since everything is locally within reach. Just in case you’re asking, Vancouver is 45 minutes West.

Our work, our projects

  • The projects you’d be working on vary and include road construction, utilities, earthworks, site servicing, structural projects, forestry bridges, residential developments, creek stabilization, it’s good work. Most of it has mountains on either side!

Move your career ahead

The role is not fixed. The company will start you where your skills can be best utilized, the jump off point to your new career. Your experience should be any level PC, if senior we’d consider starting you as Jr. PM. If you’re a PM, we’d look at Sr. PM.

Alberta to BC?

I’d like to see Alberta candidates contact me. There is some relocation budget and other considerations.

If you’ve thought about moving your life to BC, please let me know. Contact me regardless.




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