Name: Plus Appliance Repair

Plus Appliance Repair Overview:


Plus Appliance Repair is an energetic team of professional technicians who specialize in connecting, servicing and repairing appliances.

We solve problems with household appliances

Have you ever wondered how much household appliances make life easier and simplify sometimes rather time-consuming work? It is household appliances provide a comfortable life, contribute to a free pastime. The quality and duration of operation of any appliance is affected by several factors: the correct installation and connection of the device and compliance with operating rules. Proper installation and connection are important for large appliances, especially dishwashers and washing machines.

The best option is to entrust this work to engineers who provide service for household appliances and who have all the necessary knowledge and experience. By contacting Plus Appliance Repair, you will save time, strength and ensure the safety of your family and friends, as electrical appliances must be connected in accordance with fire safety rules, taking into account the specifications of the home appliance.

Nothing is eternal, and even the most reliable device sooner or later breaks down. It can be connected as with incorrect exploitation, untimely preventive maintenance, and with banal wear and tear of details of electrical equipment.Qualified repair of household appliances will increase the service life of your devices for several years. Unexpectedly, it is at the most inopportune moment that mishaps occur:

  • The microwave oven does not turn on;
  • the door of the washing machine does not open;
  • the refrigerator stops freezing.

On your own you will take a very long time to determine the cause of the malfunction and not the fact that you will be able to find it.

We have very good specialists

It takes a few minutes for a Plus Appliance Repair specialist to determine the cause of the breakdown, and in some cases it takes a few days to perform a complete diagnosis of the appliance, and the necessary household repairs are made as quickly as possible.If the part can not be restored, it can always be replaced. Plus Appliance Repair has organized regular deliveries of the most in-demand parts and consumables.

Thanks to the adjusted relations with the world manufacturers of household appliances, we have an opportunity to receive and replace the necessary original spare part in the shortest terms.We carry out repair of household appliances at home, as well as in offices, restaurants and other public institutions. All specialists in our repair shop have been carefully selected on a competitive basis and have many years of experience.

Service Center performs as a repair of large household appliances at home and repair of small appliances in the office and at home at a convenient time for you.

Appliance Repair Toronto and GTA is our specialty. Turning to us, you provide peace of mind and confidence in the efficiency of their household appliances.


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