Name: Smart Contact Manager

Smart Contact Manager Overview:


If you have a new member on your staff, it's easy to share all your business contacts. Or if you need to transfer contact data from one account to another - Smart Contact Manager can do it in a single click, synchronizes all data, provides the ability to manage access rights and also has a nice design.

About company

We've been in the US market since 2010 and have an office in Charlotte, NC. Smart Contact Manager offers a full range of consulting services:

  • software development
  • installation and customization of the system
  • information technology support services for applications
  • ongoing support of users is provided through the permanent hotline
  • support department performs the whole range of services for support, implementation of turnkey systems, restore system performance in case of hardware failures
  • training of accountants to work with software products the development of new and maintenance of previous versions of the software, relevant to current legislation and innovations in the world market of IT-technology.

Managers of our sales department provide professional advice on the choice of software, the rules of licensing and terms of cooperation. They will explain how training is carried out in practice, how the automation of accounting occurs in a company or a government agency, how information and technical support is provided. They will choose for you the most suitable variant of cooperation.

Thanks to the skillfully conducted marketing policy, aimed primarily at maintaining the market of advanced technologies and improving the competitiveness of domestic products / services, we have a base of customers, the number of which is already more than 600 across the country.

We employ different specialists: methodologists, testers, programmers, system administrators, software experts (these are accountants with experience in public institutions and/or public state enterprises). Our employees are constantly being trained and have certificates.


Smart Contact Manager consists of a team of professionals who not only know, but love what they do. Our application is gaining popularity, but we are lacking technical customer support specialists. We hope to find a good customer support specialist on CalgaryJobBoard who knows how to talk well and intelligently and solve customer problems.