Name: The New Mummy Company

The New Mummy Company Overview:


At The New Mummy Company Inc, we believe that everyone needs support when they are going through a major transition in their lives such as having a baby, the aim being to make this period of change a happier and more positive experience overall. Driven by integrity and commitment, The New Mummy Company provides a range of excellent professional services to new parents from pre-natal classes to private post-partum support, from daytime to night-time services, from consulting to hands-on support. We believe in offering consistent customer service by maintaining a single line of contact and building strong relationships with our clients. The New Mummy Company provides a supportive foundation for new parents, helping them to understand their babies. Establishing good sleeping and eating patterns from early infancy creates mutual respect between parent and child, and this in turn leads to children who sleep well, behave well and are well mannered.