Name: The SHARP Foundation

The SHARP Foundation Overview:


​Established in 1990, the SHARP Foundation is a Calgary-based non-profit organization committed to providing a continuum of care including housing, healthcare, and support to those living with HIV or at the highest risk of contracting HIV.

From 1993 to 1998, the SHARP Foundation's primary focus was providing palliative care as well as controlling symptoms and maximizing the quality of life in a caring, non-judgmental environment. 

With the help of modern advancements in medication and treatment, our clients are now living longer, but still face marginalization within our community.  

Today, the SHARP Foundation's main focus is helping residents live longer and have sustainable lives instead of primarily acting as a palliative care facility, but most importantly help residents become independent and integrate in the community.

New The SHARP Foundation Jobs:

Here are the most recent job opportunities & leads that we have found or have been provided directly from The SHARP Foundation