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Position Description 

This email is to inform you that Request ID 18331-1 has been released to you for review.Please see the details below for more information:

  Request ID: 18331-1

  Start/End Dates: 5/15/2019 - 11/15/2019

  Work Location: 11-Heritage Court

  Job Title: Administrative - Data Analyst I


  Job Description: MAIN FUNCTIONS

Responsible for importing, cleansing, validating and analyzing data with the purpose of understanding or drawing conclusions from the data. May consolidate and/or present data in charts, graphs, or tables. Focused on improving data quality. Position will receive direction and support.

This position level would typically include junior Data Analyst performing mostly tasks that do not require prior extensive experience.



Strong analytical, verbal and written communication skills. Report generation and data analysis. Proficient in MS Office.

  Release Comments: Deadline for Submissions: May 10th 2019

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This Temporary/Contract/Project listing from BOWEN is available in Calgary SW.

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