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What CMC Concrete Ltd. is Hiring for:

CMC Concrete Ltd. is looking for an experienced, hard working and motivated individual to work with us as a Concrete Finisher.

Job requirement:

  • Completion of High School
  • minimum of 3 years of Concrete experience (Nozzleman or Shotcrete Finisher preferred)

Job duties:

  • Applies cement mortar or concrete to exposed earth, masonry, wood forms, steel or other surfaces.
  • Tends hose through which concrete or cement is pumped to fill forms and crevices or to coat surfaces.
  • Moves and holds supply hose as spraying progresses, using rope sling or harness.
  • Drags screed over finished surface to cut and clean spots from surface.
  • Cuts and squares corners, using trowel.
  • Assists workers engaged in erecting and moving scaffolds and in coupling and uncoupling pipe.
  • Assists in application of reinforcement materials such as steel rods, steel mesh and/ or fibers.
  • Conduct preconstruction field trials of shotcrete production and application prior to starting production shotcreting. make field trials, and construct test panels on wood forms (if required).
  • Clean loose material, mud, rebound, and other foreign matter from all surfaces which are to receive shotcrete.
  • Submit results of shotcrete testing samples and proposed shotcrete mix design to supervisor.
  • Conduct preconstruction field trials of shotcrete production and application prior to starting the actual job.
  • Applies shotcrete mixture as approved by inspector, engineer or supervisor at a uniform rate to insure adherence of material to the treated surface with minimum rebound and maximum density.
  • Confirms mix proportions of cement, aggregate, and admixtures to obtain the specified strengths, entrained air content, and set times specified.
  • Prepare production test panels (if required).
  • Apply shotcrete as per project specifications, designs, and procedures.
  • May assist in obtaining in-place test cores from completed work.
  • Operates and/or is familiar with boom-lifts (manlift) or similar equipment.
  • Fill hollows and remove spots on freshly poured cement.
  • Operate power vibrators to compact concrete.
  • Level top surface concrete according to grade and depth specification.
  • Impart desired finish to concrete surfaces using hand and power tools.
  • Install anchor bolts, steel plates, door sills and other fixtures.
  • Apply hardening and sealing components to cure surfaces.
  • Waterproof, damp proof and restore surfaces.
  • Repair, resurface and replace worn or damaged sections of concrete structures.
  • Prepare floors for installations.


$35 /hr for 40 hours per week, Permanent, Full time

Job Location:

Various Job Locations primarily in Calgary but some travel outside the city may be required.  

How to apply

By email:


By mail:

CMC Concrete Ltd.

53 Wakefield Dr. SW

Calgary, AB, T3C 2W8

Location / region:

This Full-time listing from CMC Concrete Ltd. is available in Calgary SW.

About CMC Concrete Ltd.:

CMC CONCRETE LTD is a local business specializing in cement finishing, stripping and formwork.

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